Framework for collaboration in Arla Food for Health

We give priority to transparency and engagement

Arla Food for Health (AFH) was established in 2015 as a joint partnership between The University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Arla Foods and Arla Foods Ingredients. The vision of the partnership is ‘Discovering health effects of dairy and dairy ingredients” through qualified research.

The partnership is governed by a set of principles related to funding decisions, objective research and communication of the results obtained.

The funding

Decisions on project funding are always made through a transparent and involving process. First step is for the external Scientific Advisory Board to evaluate all the applications. The Steering Committee then assesses the proposed candidates with regards to strategic fit and impact. The final decision on resource allocations is made by consensus among all members of the Steering Committee.

The research

All research performed within the framework of Arla Food for Health follows the ‘arm length’ principle to maintain the research integrity. The researcher(s) are responsible for and have the final say on research methods, conduct of research, and analysis of the results. If appropriate, scientific colleagues from each of the four entities can give input to discussions regarding relevant knowledge and data and be listed as co-authors. In such cases this should be clearly stated according to the Vancouver Convention.

All Arla Food for Health related research is in compliance with the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and the respective party’s policies concerning responsible research and partnership, including principles and recommendations for research-based collaboration and consultancy published by Universities Denmark.


The communication

All scientific research within Arla Food for Health will be submitted for publishing in independent scientific journals – regardless of results. Furthermore, the partnership has created a Communication Group, which consists of the Director of AFH and one communication professional and one scientific representative from each of the four entities.

The responsibility of the Communication Group is to support the researchers in developing and executing communication to relevant stakeholders including but not limited to the broader public, media, politicians, and to promote and share relevant communication from the partnership and its activities.

In AFH, we believe that open communication and public awareness is key in successful research.

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You can read the full partnership agreement here.

Contact details                 

Anne Louise Mørkbak
Director, Arla Food for Health
Phone: +45 41607119

Jesper Emborg

Communication Consultant, Aarhus University, Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture
Phone: +45 61220291

Kristian Levring Madsen

Communications Coordinator, Copenhagen University, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Phone: +45 40 48 16 84

Anne Høst Stenbæk
Head of Marketing, Arla Foods Ingredients
Phone: +45 91 31 46 47

Jonas Barfoed
Content Manager, Arla Foods
Phone: +45 91 31 16 01


Partnership agreement

Arla Food for Health Partnership agreement