Arla Food for Health Newsletter – September 2017

Publish date: 04. September 2017

Arla Food for Health Website

We have updated the webpage for Arla Food for Health. Going forward the newsletter from Arla Food for Health and other news will be published at this webpage. Therefore it would be a big help if you can create awareness around the webpage. If you have comments to the content please don’t hesitate to contact Anne Louise Mørkbak, Director, Arla Food for Health.

Call for 2018 expressions of interest

The call for Arla Food for Health expressions of interest was launched in July. The overall topic is “Dairy through life”. The deadline for submission is the 27th of October at 5 pm. For more information on the topics of interest, application process, guidelines for expressions of interest and submission process, please have a look at this page or attend the information meeting on the 2nd of October.

Update on funded projects

We will call for a status report shortly with a submission deadline September 18th. We are working on a new template with a guideline to ensure a more uniform reporting which will be sent out first week of September.

News from PIs on successes from projects


Successful establishment of a new pig model of systemic/intestinal inflammation induced by prenatal exposure to bacteria. Now the diet intervention studies, including cGMP and OPN, have been ongoing during the spring and we are currently awaiting the first results. Our hope is that specific anti-inflammatory factors in milk will help to reduce the inflammatory responses. All in all things are running very well and analytical partnerships have now been put to heavy work, including metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics analyses.


The OmniSaM project received ethical approval on 23rd May 2017 and the behavior and intervention studies regarding development of the multimodal metric to predict satiety have begun. The OmniSaM project “The Omnibus Satiety Metric: An Integrated Brain, Blood and Behavioral Method for Measuring Satiety” was presented at the conference “Trends in Excellent and Interdisciplinary Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic Research”, June 2017 and “The 35th International Symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition”, June 2017. Information about the OmniSaM project can now be found online via the project homepage.

Update on midway evaluation

Already at start-up of our center we decided to evaluate the effort midways. This evaluation is carried out by a third party: “The Innovation Board” and is based on qualitative interviews and quantitative questionnaires. The semi structured interviews are performed with a range of people across different levels of the four entities. Thanks to all who spent the time to give their input. The quantitative questionnaire has been sent out very broadly. The report will be finished on September 5th and actions based on the results will be decided at sponsor group meeting on September 13th and Steering Group Meeting on October 2nd.

Arla Food for Health Conference

Arla Food for Health will host an event on May 1st 2018. An invitation has been sent out to ensure that you book the date. We will use the same format as this year. It is possible for the Principle Investigators to each bring 3 persons involved in the project. We will have a steering committee meeting on the same date where the Principle Investigators will have time slots to present the project status.

Arla Food for Health communication group

We are starting up the Arla Food for Health communication group again. We will schedule a meeting with the communication representatives from the four entities in October or start November to define ways of working and make on a communication plan.

Online Conference

2020 Arla Food for Health - Online Conference 28th of October 2020

Virtual Conference participation is open for partners in AFH (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Arla Foods amba and Arla Foods Ingredients)
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