Arla Food for Health Newsletter – June 2018

Publish date: 04. June 2018

New Arla Food for Health Presentation

Arla Food for Health has been collaborating with Radius Kommunikation on developing a new visual identity for the center. The collaboration has resulted in a new Arla Food for Health presentation, which was presented for the first time at the Arla Food for Health Conference in May. The presentation will be available on the Arla Food for Health Webpage no later than July 1st.

Arla Food for Health Conference 2018

The Arla Food for Health Conference took place on May 2nd 2018 at Maersk Tower in Copenhagen. Around 70 participants came together in the interest of the eight projects that were presented by their principal investigators and research teams. The presentations evolved around the methods and the preliminary results from the projects. Great to see progress in all projects compared to last year. Furthermore, the OptiMilk project (renamed “D-pro”) was introduced at the conference. This project is set to start in October 2018.

The day gave the researchers across projects and institutions an opportunity to engage in scientific discussions and interactions in general. An objective which proved most successful.

Arla Food for Health Call 2018

Key timelines for the AFH 5th Call for Expressions of Interest:

  • 15/06/2018 Launch of 5th Call for Expressions of Interest
  • LOM meeting informing on the call at Panum, University of Copenhagen (details in call)
  • Workshop on project ideas at Arla’s premises in Viby J – open to all (details in call)
  • 15/10/2018 Last date to submit Expressions of Interest
  • 10/12/2018 Decision on funding
  • 31/01/2019 Final project approval

Presentation of newly funded projects (not presented at AFH conference)

The MiPUAge – Milk Protein Utilisation and Age project is set to start in October 2018 and aims to investigate how age affects the body’s handling of differently characterized dietary protein ingredients in terms of digestion, amino acid absorption and stimulation of whole body anabolism. Previous studies have shown that age affects these responses, hence the MiPUAge project will include a group of both young and old human participants of both sexes. The project will use state-of-the-art amino acid tracer methodology to quantify the ingested protein uptake, whole body amino acid utilization and protein turnover rates. Here a research gap exists as digestibility and absorption kinetics are frequently questioned though hardly ever measured methodologically as it can only be assessed directly by using protein-bound tracer techniques. Therefore, the MiPUAge project will produce all investigated ingredients as intrinsically labelled proteins that will subsequently be applied in the human trial. The expected outcome of the study is an improved understanding of protein digestion and utilization and how this is affected by food processing. This knowledge will enable optimal design of foods targeting the needs of different age groups.

Arla Food for Health Communication Group

The Arla Food for Heath Communication Group consists of:

  • Claus Bo Andreasen, Communication Representative Aarhus University
  • Kristian Levring Madsen, Communication Representative University of Copenhagen
  • Anne Høst Stenbæk, Communication Representative Arla Food Ingredients
  • Carina Østergaard, Communication Representative Arla Foods amba
  • Henrik Jørgen Andersen, Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Anders Steen Jørgensen, Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Peter Langborg Wejse, Arla Foods amba
  • Anne Louise Mørkbak, Arla Foods amba

The group has worked on a narrative for Arla Food for Health, which will serve as the compass for all its activities. The narrative has been approved by the Steering Committee.

Arla Food for Health (AFH) is a public-private research partnership between top ranked universities and the food industry – all of them engaged within dairy, new food solutions and nutrition research: University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Arla Foods amba and Arla Foods Ingredients.

The common vision is to Discover health effects of dairy and dairy ingredients.

The research center is based on the conviction that collaboration and partnerships through independent research activities, both nationally and internationally, are crucial for the ability to counteract several global health challenges.

The ambition is to push boundaries and foster world-class dairy science that subsequently can be applied in food design and new nutritional solutions with positive impact on global nutritional status and public health – and thereby create value for individuals, the society and the collaborating partners.

The AFH partners are committed to create impact and objectively disseminate the scientific insights developed through the AFH-projects. Moreover, the collaboration between the partners include a targeted and coordinated public outreach that can serve as basis for a science based nutrition and health dialogue with external stakeholders – including the industry, authorities, NGO’s and universities. Likewise, use of obtained scientific output in new research initiatives and education is of particular importance.

Arla Food for Health project communication:

Please contact Kristian Levring Madsen, University of Copenhagen or Claus Bo Andreasen, Aarhus University if you need communication assistance to AFH projects – both existing projects or in regards to communication plans in Expressions of Interest you plan to submit.